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Sculptor Daniel Chadwick has often used his engineering skills for the re-design of familiar products and the invention of new ones.


"One evening early in the '90s I set about creating a backgammon board out of whatever I could find from my studio. I had a group of friends staying with me who wanted to play there and then.  

I took two sheets of acrylic, between which I sandwiched four sheets of A4 paper printed with the backgammon field.  I edged it to stop the die rolling out, again with my favourite material, acrylic. Within an hour we were playing and they loved the board, so I decided to evaluate it more thoroughly as a design.

Today each layer is laser cut.  I incorporated the handle into the frame and nested the counters within the thickness.  They are all cut out of the same layer as the frame and there is almost zero wastage.

I had noticed with the original design that the acrylic 'stunned' the die which stopped them bouncing out, so I kept this feature and improved on it.  I sourced beautiful hinges and a variety of dice in different colours.

Every board is carefully assembled by hand in an anti-static environment at my factory in Stroud, Gloucestershire.  

Through necessity I accidentally created then ardently developed this new aesthetic to a well loved game."


Daniel Chadwick's Backgammon sets are also available in store at Other CriteriaBond street, London and HarrodsKnightsbridge, London.


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